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Differentiation and client value are the main questions of innovation today

usus Service Design helps companies rise to two of their challenges
- The development of digital products and services, with focus on value for the client.
- The design of complex systems, with the goal of simple usability that is fun.

In Latin, usus means "use" as well as "value" and "habit"

English expressions such as useful, usable, User Centered Design, Use Case etc. go back to the Latin root. usus Service Design has made it their goal to support companies and organizations in designing the digital shift. The value for the customer is the main emphasis of our work.

Alexandre Robert

usus was founded in 2001 by Alexandre Robert. Mr. Robert is a product designer and has an MBA in Sustainability Management. High points in his career path have been: Company director of Real Informationsdesign, manager of “User Centered Design” at an internationally active agency and “Vice President of Customer Experience” at a financial institute. He is the co-author of “Produkt ist Kommunikation,” and has been a guest professor, assuming many university teaching positions in Europe and Asia.

Produkt ist Kommunikation, Integration von Branding und Usability

Book Publication:
„Produkt ist Kommunikation,
Integration von Branding und Usability“